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Bio Peter Long

Peter Long

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Living in the north, Peter loves that he can hike neat trails in the wilderness right from his home. Being retired, he is happy to get out walking/hiking every day.

Thinking that Jane Jacob’s more eyes on the street make safer streets also applied in a wilderness city, he started to lobby for making walking better. He believed that encouraging people to walk more would result in having residents who care about our wilderness and that identifying quality trails would create walking destinations, encouraging more walking.

Peter has been involved in many forms of publishing, from mainframes through desktop publishing to today’s internet. He’s been involved in numerous local publishing projects, many involving nature, maps, trails and land use. He enjoys photography and plants and integrating this into his projects.

As a long-time map aficionado, the advent of Google Earth has opened up many great possibilities. Peter layers OCP information, zoning, planning, trails (Whitehorse has over 800 km of trails,) land use and many other things that help understand the city. His lens on city processes is always: What’s in this initiative for walkers? Is there any aspect that could make walking better or worse?

His interest in HECM is what other parts of Canada have been able to bring to a National Hiking Trail and how does the North fit into it?