Kevin Robinson, Board of Directors Member, Hike Canada en Marche

Kevin has been a Hike Canada en Marche board member since early 2021.  Representing the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Kevin has been an avid hiker for most of his adult life and has a passion for trails development and maintenance.

Kevin grew up in New Brunswick where he attended university in Fredericton.  Graduating in 1986 with a BSc in Forest Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, he started working full time with Parks Canada.  He remained employed with them for 32 years, until his retirement in 2015.  During that time Kevin occupied various positions – ranging from Park Warden to Park Ecologist and in later years, to Manager of Resource Conservation and Asset Management.  His career involved working at various parks throughout the Atlantic Region as well as a 10 year stint in Ontario, at Bruce Peninsula/Fathom Five and Thousand Islands National Parks.

Over his career with Parks Canada, Kevin was involved in many aspects of trail creation, layout and standards development.  Upon retiring at Terra Nova National Park in NL, he dedicated much of his spare time to the development of an organized trail network within his local area. The recently formed Damnable Trail Network consists of approximately 30+ kms of trails, connecting various communities (both active and abandoned) along the rugged coastline of Bonavista Bay.

Kevin has also spent a considerable amount of time travelling and hiking trails throughout the United States – primarily in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in the Southwestern states of Arizona, Utah, Nevada, etc.  As an avid snowshoer and downhill skier he spends his winter months occupied with backcountry exploring – all in the name of finding new locations for hikers to enjoy!