Whistler Parking and Overnight Parking

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Parking Lots

As of 2013, there are four main parking areas, three operated by Whistler Olympic and one by Callaghan Country. There is no overnight parking in any lot within either WOP or Callaghan country area. For overnight, you should use the Alexander Falls Parking lot.

  1. Biathlon Range Parking Lot
    This lot is at the north end of the road. As you can see from GMap, it is where the Beverley Creek Backcountry trail and the Hanging Lake Winter Trail start from. To get to this lot, you must drive through the ticket gate and pay the $10 parking fee. No overnight parking, you must be out by 4:30 or so when the gate closes.
  2. Alexander Falls Parking Area
    This is right beside the road before you get to the big hairpin and the ticket booths. It is where you should park for overnight trips, or if you are not going to be back before the gate closes. Parking here is free, but that doesn’t mean you can cross the WOP area, because you haven’t paid the “parking and access fee”. This is labelled as “Back Country Overnight Parking”.
  3. Callaghan Country Parking Lot
    In winter (when trails are groomed) it is for day use only. Once the Olympic facility closes in spring then people park in it for spring skiing.
  4. Day Lodge Parking Lots
    There are actually three parking lots near the Day Lodge, numbered 1, 2, and 3 on their maps. They appear on GMap as blue “P” symbols. You would park here if you were X-country skiing on the groomed trails. Note: Overnight parking is not permitted here. See Parking Lot P1Parking Lot P2Parking Lot P3




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Hike BC joins the Friends of Manning Park

On Friday, January 31, 2014, Hike BC joined the Friends of Manning Park.  Hike BC attended a four hour meeting at the Manning Park cafeteria to discuss the issues surrounding the maintenance of the trails in Manning Park.  In addition, Chief Ranger Ed Atkinson discussed the other major issues that are facing Manning Park.  The new managers of Manning Park Lodge also discussed what they plan on doing in the future.  Hike BC thanks all the other participants for a very fruitful and congenial meeting.

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Richmond completes NHT signage

As of January 31, 2014, the City of Richmond’s Park, Recreation, and Culture division had erected the National Hiking Trail signage on its perimeter dyke trail system as approved by the City Council July 2013.  Hike BC thanks the employees of the P, R, and C division for their assistance.

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The City of Delta completes erection of trail markers.

Hike BC received confirmation from the Parks, Recreation, and Culture division of the City of Delta on January 3, 2014 that the City of Delta had finished erecting the trail markers of the National Hiking Trail.  We thank everyone in the City of Delta that helped achieve this.

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The District of Sechelt gives verbal support for the NHT

On December 7th, 2013, Pat Harrison of Hike BC did a 10 minute presentation regarding the proposed NHT route on the Sunshine Coast.  The District Council gave their support after the presentation.  Hike BC appreciates this support for Canada’s original cross-country hiking trail.

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